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Interview: Beijing november show 2014

One could say Jean-Joseph Hulin was born and bred for the jewelry business. Coming from a family of gem dealers, he began life in the business by watching his father and older brother. He graduated from GIA and went on assisting them in their work before venturing out to experience the world on his own. His journey took him to India where he learned the process and finer points of quality control. With that knowledge, he moved to Hong Kong.   Read More

The ever-changing and dynamic city inspired him to create, and his experience in the field proved a natural stepping stone to the design of his own jewelry. Jean-Joseph Hulin custom makes jewelry pieces using gemstones, including Emeralds (from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil), Sapphire (from Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar), and Rubies (from Burma, Mozambique, Thailand).

Valentina Gems and Jewelry Limited also offers unheated, natural gemstones. While they are more expensive, the beautiful gemstones are created just by the pure, natural process of time.

Jean-Joseph Hulin works by appointment only.

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